Richard E. Morley Industrial Automation Scholarship application

There are multiple scholarships available. Please visit the website for more detailed information.
The value is a 20% reduction in your overall course tuition fees.
The scholarships are available for the following pathways:

  • Bachelor of Science (Industrial Automation Engineering)
  • Master of Engineering (Industrial Automation)


  • Must be a commencing student studying the Bachelor of Science (Industrial Automation Engineering) or Master of Engineering (Industrial Automation) course with EIT online or on-campus.
  • Must meet or exceed the English Language Proficiency requirement for the specific course of study.
  • Must meet all other entry requirements for the course + at least a minimum result of 70% in all Mathematics units achieved in the highest level of education completed.
  • Must be a full fee-paying student, without existing scholarships. Students can apply for multiple scholarships, but will only be awarded one scholarship.

The TOEFL® test is a popular option for students to meet the English-language requirements for scholarships.


To apply for most scholarships, you have to speak English. To test your English language proficiency


  • The scholarship value is equal to a 20% reduction on the total course tuition.
  • The scholarship discount will be divided evenly across the total amount of units in the course and applied each semester to each unit being undertaken, not in a lump sum.
  • The scholarship only covers tuition fees and does not cover any other non-tuition fees or expenses.
  • Students must successfully pass all units attempted each semester/term otherwise the scholarship will be revoked by EIT.


Please complete and submit the Scholarship Application form along with your course application
Cut-off date for scholarship applications is 1 month prior to the start date of the course

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