Chinese Language Program at Northwestern Polytechnical University (NPU), China

Begin your Chinese dream today at Chinese Language Center of Northwestern Polytechnical University (NPU)

China is taking center stage and is destined to lead the future world. The Chinese Language Program at NPU will not only bring you to the historic city of Xi’an (where Innovation meets the ancient history) but will also enable you to be part of a Chinese Traditional Society and learn one of the oldest yet most spoken language of world.

Program Advantages

1. ​Language grouping based on one’s personal ability.
2.​ Small class sizes.
3. ​HSK Training Classes provided for free.
4. ​Availability of Language buddies and volunteers for whole study duration.
5.​ A beautiful campus to build wonderful memories
6.​ Fully equipped classrooms
7.​ Well experienced Faculty.

Program Details

The Chinese language program is divided into Long-term program (One year) and Short-term program (Half year). The short-term program can be enrolled in both spring and autumn. The long-term program can only be enrolled in autumn.

Spring Semester: 1 March to 1 July
Fall Semester: 1 September to 1 January

Level of Studies: Level 1 to Level 4

Subject: Listening & Oral Learning, Reading, Writing, HSK Classes

Class Hours
Language Course: 20 Hours / Week
HSK Training: 4 Hours / Week
Culture Lecture: 4 Hours / Week

Application Deadlines

30th November, 2020 for Spring Semester
30th May, 2020 for Autumn Semester

Fees Structure

Application Fees (Non-refundable): 600 RMB
Tuition Fees per Semester: 7500 RMB
Tuition Fees for whole year: 15000 RMB
Insurance: 800 RMB / Year
Accommodation Fees: 600-900 RMB / Month
Physical Examination Fees: 400 RMB


1.​ Applicant should be non-Chinese citizens, and in good health. (Ethnic Chinese who come to study in China must obtain foreign nationality and cancel their Chinese nationality before April 30, 2016, and have a record of living abroad for more than 2 years from April 30, 2016 to April 30, 2020;
2.​ Applicants who apply for the undergraduate should have their high school graduation certificate; Aged under 45 years old (by June 30,2020).
3.​ Applicants are not required to have HSK examination results or Chinese language learning experience.

Required Documents for Application

1.​ Scanned clear copy of valid passport
2.​ Notarized highest diploma (Chinese/English or notarized Chinese/English translation)
3. ​Academic transcripts (Chinese/English or notarized Chinese/English translation).
4. ​A copy of physical examination form.

Application Procedure

Step 1:​ Complete the online application on the following webpage:
Register your account with valid E-mail address as the admission officer will inform all results of your application through this E-mail.

Step 2: Choose Chinese Language Program and submit all the required documents.

Step 3: Admission Committee will be organized to review documents of applicants and applicant’s documents will be selected for further review by the relevant academic school.

Step 4: The International College will send the Admission Notice and other relevant documents to students who are accepted.

Contact Information

Tel: +86-29-88494381

Further Information

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